Keeping Your Cool in the Heat

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I recently heard that there is an app for a GPS with an attitude. For example, when a driver disregards the GPS directions to take a short-cut or detour, the voice responds disdainfully, “I said turn right, you idiot!” Many drivers, in turn, respond to a GPS voice as if in conversation and sometimes with profanity.

Attitude can be quite humorous and harmless, but there is a well marked line between fun and lack of respect. When we are in a hurry, upset, angry, frustrated, or in pain, our attitudes can go from nice to negative in seconds. Irate motor vehicle operators often yell at other drivers, make obscene hand gestures, swear, and honk horns — actions they might not take outside of a car or truck.

I recently watched a news report about increasing road rage and how defusing an ugly situation with a calm voice may help prevent a serious altercation. It’s hard for us to know what burdens people carry on their shoulders, and keeping cool in the heat of a bad road experience may be the safest option. There is an excellent article on about how to prevent road rage.

When summer heat or an overabundance of stress cause anxiety, try this recipe for Lavender Iced Tea. Then sit back with a “just out of the freezer” Neck Warmer and relax.


Sweet Lavender Iced-tea with Lemon

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Photo of a glass of iced tea next to a planter with floweres and Lavender and mint in a small vase

On a garden tour last month, I enjoyed the unique and mild flavor of Lavender in a glass of sweet iced-tea with lemon. It tasted so good that the next day I bought a Lavender plant and experimented with making my own.

Lavender is an herb used as flavoring and as a medicine for anxiety and for a variety of ills. It is used in aroma therapy as well. According to the National Institutes of Health there is “insufficient evidence to rate its effectiveness” for a variety of conditions, but there is some concern about using it while pregnant, nursing, or taking sedatives.  In small quantities, as in this iced-tea, it should be harmless, but if you are on medications, pregnant, or nursing it is wise to check with your physician before drinking tea with Lavender.

3 Lavender flowers, washed  or 1 – 2 Tablespoons of Lavender flower buds, dried or fresh

IMPORTANT use a Lavender plant not treated with any pesticides

Pull the flowers from the woody stalk and place them in a tea ball and then put the ball in a tea pot or heat resistant tea pitcher.

Pour eight cups of boiling water over 6-8 decaf tea bags (or any tea you like) in the same pot, and let steep for ten minutes.  I chose plain decaf because I thought that caffeine might counteract the calming effect of the Lavender. Remove the tea bags and tea ball.

Add 4 tablespoons of Agave syrup (more or less to your taste). Agave syrup is a natural sweetener that dissolves much better in iced tea than sugar.

Let cool and pour over ice. Add Lemon slices. Enjoy!

This recipe is gluten-free.

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