Sheep Talk

A collection of stories that offer a small glimpse into Maine life, were written by Betsy Hanscom, for Maine Warmers’ e-Newsletter. People who sign up for the newsletter are eligible to win a free Maine Warmer in a monthly drawing.


Maine Warmers offers a fun way to feel better with microwave heating pads. Use them to warm up on a cold day, relax sore tight muscles, or help flexibility and circulation. Frozen, they become gentle ice packs that help reduce swelling and pain and can be used to ease the sting from a bee or mild sunburn.


Betsy made her first Back Warmer for her husband when he had a muscle spasm in his back. He was amazed at how well the heat helped relieve the stiffness in his back and was pleasantly surprised by its portability, even taking it to work. Soon family members were borrowing it, and friends were asking if she would make some for them.  With encouragement from friends and family, she started Maine Warmers in 2000 as an online retail store.


“My experiences with art and sewing inspired me to design warmers in animal shapes — sheep, moose, bears, cats, and other whimsical forms,” says Betsy Hanscom.  Gift stores, boutiques, and spas sell a variety of her comforting creatures. A list of stores that sell Maine Warmers is available for viewing on the Maine Warmers’ Web site.


 In this blog we offer gluten-free recipes in the category called “Maine Warmers Recipes.” It is well-known among medical professionals that reducing gluten in the body helps reduce inflammation. People with some forms of arthritis have found that a gluten-free diet can reduce pain.

The benefits of heat therapy from Maine Warmers microwave heating pads include relaxing tense muscles, increasing circulation and flexibility. 

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  1. Beth,
    I’m the one that met you at the Ephemera 31 show (the one that bartended). You had said that you wanted to talk to me regarding postcards. If you still would like to visit with me, either email the above address or call me at
    I look forward to your contact,

    Comment by Debbie Corkery — 05/13/2011 @ 5:28 pm

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